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Press releases from recent symposias
Inflammatory bowel diseases
A change in perspective is pending with regard to diagnostics and therapy

Symposium 210, Lisbon (Portugal), April 2018

. “Big data” is also currently making its arrival with regard to inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). For instance, there is an outright flood of data regarding factors which determine pathophysiology – from genome via the exposome and immunome to microbiome. 

Liver-Bowel-Microbiome Interactions
On the road to personalized nutritional therapy

Workshop, Hamburg (Germany), January 2018

. Diseases of liver and bowel are more closely connected than it has long been supposed. The connector is apparently the microbiome, although the interactions are complex and also include reactions of the immune system and a genetic susceptibility. More...

A phase of change in IBD – with regard to understanding the disease and therapeutic options

Symposium 209, Berlin (Germany), October 2017

Berlin. Relevant advances are currently available with regard to understanding the disease as well as the therapeutic options for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). More...

Eosinophilic esophagitis: identify, treat specifically and alleviate suffering

Symposium 208, Berlin (Germany), October 2017

Berlin. Berlin. If bread and meat get stuck in the esophagus, the patient has to drink an extreme amount of liquid after consumption of solid foods or entirely avoids these foods, the diagnosis of “eosinophilic esophagitis” (EoE) seems likely.  More...
Symposia Overview

Symposium 209
IBD 2017 Therapeutic and 
Biological Barriers
Berlin (Germany),
October 6 – 7, 2017

  Symposium 212
  IBD and Liver:
  East Meets West
  Kyoto (Japan)
  September 7 – 8, 2018

Video Report
Symposium 209
IBD 2017 - Therapeutic and Biological Barriers
Prof. Dr. B. Siegmund,
Berlin (Germany)